Tip toe through brilliant fields of blooms

U-Pick means "pick your own!"
It also means enjoying the experience of strolling through vast tulip fields and enjoying nature. Welcome.

Farm visits only happen during a few weeks each year—usually between late April through late May, but nature truly determines the dates! 

No tickets are available at the farm. Please buy them online. Sign up to find out when tickets go on sale.  If your question is not answered on this page, please check our FAQ.

Dogs may NOT be left in cars. Leave all pets at home. See pet policy below.

We'll be in 3 bloom-filled locations in 2023

Exeter, Rhode Island
400 Hog House Hill Rd
Exeter, RI 02822
bloom report
Johnston, Rhode Island
90 Brown Ave
Johnston, RI 02919
 Preston, Connecticut
382 Route 164
Preston, CT 06365

EVERY DAY (in season) 10 am - 7 pm

U-pick Farm Visit Hours are by appointment only - Rain or Shine

Special Events by appointment only

Yoga in the Tulips, some mornings & sunsets, [ Description & Hours ]

"Early Bird" timed tickets offer a more intimate tulip experience from 7AM-10AM. These are available on many days at our regular ticket links.


2023 Ticket Pricing

TICKET AVAILABILITY: Tickets are released in batches throughout our blooming season.  If you found us sold out, try again or visit another location!

  • Adult General Admission tickets: $20 includes entrance and 10 u-pick tulips 
  • Kids General Admission: 5-17 years old are $5, do not include tulips, never sell out & can be used any day.
    • Tulips can be purchased for $1/stem anytime!
    • Children 4 and under enter FREE

  • Yoga in the Tulips $35 includes yoga class, entry to fields and 10 U-pick stems  
  • Special Events in the Tulips - prices vary

Ticket Policies & Refunds

  • Tickets are only valid ONLY for the appointed date and location indicated on the ticket. You are allowed to stay as long as you like once you enter, until we close at 7pm. 
  • Tickets must be purchased online and will not be available at the door.
  • Tickets are non-refundable but may be transferred to another party.
  • We are open rain or shine. No bad weather refunds.
  • All Adult U-pick tickets include 10 tulips! Kids tickets do not include tulips but additional tulips may be purchased at $1/stem.
  • Kids tickets do not sell out. 

What's Included with U-Pick Tickets

10 stems are included with all adult tickets! Children's tickets do not include stems, but they can be purchased for $1 each. We provide self-serve wrapping stations for free, or we can wrap your tulips for a small fee, of which a portion goes to charity.

Always Free Parking

Our friendly and trained staff will help you park, please follow their instructions and drive slowly. 

  • Parking is free with the purchase of a ticket. 
  • Parking is on a farm field. If we have a rainy season it will get muddy. It is your responsibility to have the vehicle towed if it gets stuck.
  • We strongly recommend leaving the fancy sport car at home.
  • Park at your own risk.
  • No dogs may be left in cars. Leave all pets at home.
  • Be sure to wear the proper footwear and rain gear.

Handicapped Accessibility

There is handicapped parking available. This is a farm, so although we are accessible, it is not always easy to maneuver. The farm is not paved, it can be uneven, and muddy if wet. Only certified service dogs are welcome.
Handicapped porta-potties are also available.

Please note, farm walkways are fairly rocky, so please use caution while traversing. Exeter is rockier this year than in the past.

Pet Policy

Valid ADA Service animals only. No exceptions. Pets cannot be left in vehicles unattended. It is against the law in RI and you can be charged with animal cruelty in CT. It can get very hot in a vehicle very quickly. It does not need to be a sweltering day for the temps to rise 20 degrees in 10 minutes. Leave your furry friend at home.

Food & Drink Policy

We allow snacking and you may take a break at one of our picnic tables while you eat. Please pack in/pack out your trash. Water is always allowed.



At this time, we do not support group tours or discounts or buses because parking is not supportive of this. However, you may always buy multiple General Admission tickets and "meet up" with your group that way, driving in smaller vehicles.


Buses and/or driving by to just "view" the tulips

  • Buses are not allowed. The farm roads are not set up to handle buses. If you come in a bus we will have to turn you away. We can't even let you onto the property. You will get stuck. 
  • No buses small or large to drive thru just to view the field- we do not allow this and you will get stuck.
  • Please do not try to drive by and park on the main road either, even in a car. It is not safe. In Exeter, the road is too narrow and the neighbors will not appreciate it while they try to walk their dogs or push their baby strollers. In Preston, people drive very fast on route 164. We want our neighbors to be happy we are here and always want to be respectful. Imagine how you would feel if it was your road. 

How to Pick & Wrap your Tulips

You can also read "How To Pick a Tulip" for Tulip Picking Tips (it's so easy)!

Pro Tip: BYOBucket and skip wrapping for quicker checkout. Just make sure you have counted your tulips before you get to the check out counter!


- springtime visits-

What to Expect

Each spring, we open up our farms during peak bloom times for ticketed guests to gaze, walk and pick tulips to take home!

Learn a bit more of what to expect in this video, and read Visitor 101 for costs, policies and access.

- photography -


We have guidelines for visitor photography such as no drones, no props or lights in our fields, and going gently around guests and tulips.

We require all professional photographers to schedule their shoots.

All About Farm Visits!

Hours, How To & Visitor Info

There are a few things you should know about our U-Pick Your Own Tulip Events, including our location policies and how to get the most out of your tulip picking experience!

Please read this page before you call us and before you come! It is chock full of info like "what are your hours?" "how much does it cost?" "can I transfer my ticket?" "what if I'm late?" "can kids pick tulips?" and more.

Yoga in the Tulips

We offer special Yoga in the Tulips classes in springtime when our fields are in bloom. Typically, we run classes on weekend mornings and maybe a weekday or two.

Cost is $35 and includes time in our fields and stems to take home!

To learn more visit our Yoga page and check for limited-batch released tickets when the fields are open!


Do you enjoy the outdoors?  

Could you see yourself spending
your spring days in breathtaking, blooming tulip fields?  Would you like to join a team of fun, friendly, and hardworking people?

Please read more about employment & volunteering, and find application forms here.

Bloom Report for Exeter

This is our most up-to-date news on the Exeter Farm, including expected opening dates, ticket releases and weather-related news. Check it early, check it often!

Bloom Report Preston, CT

Did you know our farms bloom at slightly different times to extend tulip time in the region?

Preston, CT is our largest tulip farm spread over 5-6 acres for a happy tulip-tip-toeing experience!

Bloom Report for Johnston, RI

We are excited to be back at this beautiful spot in 2023!

Get news on the Johnston, RI Farm, including expected opening dates, ticket releases and more.


Taking photos is one of the best things about visiting our U-pick event! Please respect our farm and other visitors.
General Guidelines
» Yes to tripods, but no reflectors, light stands, props etc.
» Do not use tripods in high traffic areas.
» Stay out of the tulip beds. If you damage flowers, you pay for them.
» Stay off all farm equipment, including and not limited to tractors, etc.
» No drones without permission.
» A site fee for professional photo shoots is required.

Please also read our professional photography policy and scheduling page.

Photo credit: Maaike Bernstrom