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U-PICK INFORMATION (Pick Your Own Tulip Events)

2022 Ticket Pricing

  • Adult General Admission tickets: $20 includes entrance and 10 u-pick tulips
  • Kids General Admission: 5-17 years old are $5, do not include tulips, never sell out & can be used any day.
  • Children 4 and under enter FREE
  • Tulips can be purchased for $1/stem anytime (great for kids and for bigger bouquets!)

Tickets are required and must be purchased online. You may NOT purchase tickets at the door. 

As much as we hate to do it, we have to turn you away if you arrive without a ticket. We limit the number of people entering our field to make this event pleasant for everyone. Thank you for understanding.  For 2022, tickets will be sold by time slot to limit the number of people in the fields at one time. Tickets are always location-specific (IE Exeter OR Preston)

Thank you for understanding.

Unfortunately, sold out is sold out. We wish we could accommodate these requests, but we honestly get so many of them that one more ticket turns into 100+ tickets on our end. Please, do not call or email about an extra ticket but do post on our Facebook page that you are looking for one. Sometimes folks can’t use the tickets they purchased or a friend cancels.

No, kids tickets are never sold out!  We believe it is important for kids to get outside and explore nature, so we don't want to take away an opportunity for any child  to visit our farm. 
No, starting in 2022, we have the same price for visiting our farms 7 days/week.

Yes, as long as you contact us via email within 24 hours of placing your order and the date for the ticket purchased is a minimum of 48 hours away.  We are not able to do a direct exchange. Please go ahead and purchase a new ticket. We will cancel/refund the earlier transaction later. We will be extremely busy during the few weeks that we are open so it could take us about a week to process the refund.  It could take an additional 7-10 business days to show up on your statement after we process it.  Thank you for your patience.

No. Tickets are nonrefundable and must be used on the date for which they were purchased.

Indeed.  We have to be strict with this policy to organize a safe and pleasant event for everyone.

No, you will receive separate tickets for each person which you can print or email  to allow friends/family to check in at different times. 

No. We are open rain or shine. Even in the rain our tulips have the power to make you happy! In previous years, most people still came on rainy days, just wear appropriate attire.  

We want to limit touching personal products, we can look it up by your order # or name.

You can find your ticket in our system and resend it yourself. Please click on this link and fill in your information

We can also find your ticket via your name/email address. Please bring your ID with you if you lost your ticket. 

No, we don't allow pets in the field.  Of course, valid service animals are allowed.

To limit the amount of interactions, our team is happy to wrap your tulips for you, but we won't have self-wrapping stations.

We recommend bringing your own water for transporting your tulips home.  Please bring your tulip water in a separate container than what you will be using for picking your tulips; you don't want to carry the water around with you in the fields!  

We will not have drinking water available, so be sure to bring your own; there is no water source at either location.  

Yes, portapotties are available on site for our visitors, including an accessible portapotty.  We also have handwashing stations.  

No, but we can donate the tulips to a local nursing home for you or you can consider giving them as a gift or as a random act of kindness.

Yes.  Anyday tickets will not be sold this year; however, anyone who saved theirs from 2020 and did not receive a refund or use it for curbside pickup in 2020 can use it this year at either location for u-pick only.  We are no longer offering refunds.

While you are able to come at anytime during our regular business hours, you may have to wait, depending on our capacity.  

Yes, but if for some reason you have difficulty, one of our Field Assistants could help you when available.

While it's best for you to come in the time appointment you made, if you can't make it in the appointed time slot, you may visit us another time that day. However, you may have to wait if we are at our capacity.  You do not need to contact us about running late and coming at a different time on the same day.

Each entrance time slot is one half-hour long.  You must arrive at the farm within this half-hour window (ex: if you have a 12:30pm ticket, be sure to check-in between 12:30pm-1pm).  Once in the fields, you may stay for as long as you'd like, until our closing time at 7pm.  


We are in TWO locations! Please be sure you buy your ticket for preferred location. Both are spectacular!

RI:  400 Hog House Hill Road Exeter, RI (Bloom Report)

CT: 382 Route 164 Preston, CT (Bloom Report)

The U-Pick Farm Events are open 7 days/week, 10am-7pm, rain or shine when fields are blooming.

Early Bird Tickets: 7am- 10am /Dates TBD ***Requires a special pre-purchased ticket

Yoga in the Tulips: Times & Dates TBD ***Requires a special pre-purchased ticket

Adult ticket prices includes 10 tulips. Each additional tulip is $1 per stem.

No,yYou do not need to bring scissors or clippers unless you want to. We do not provide them as they are not needed to pick. To pick, simply grasp the tulip stem as low as possible to the ground and pull up. This method allows you to get the longest stem possible. See this page for more details on how to pick a tulip at the farm.

No, we are just selling the flower. If the bulb comes up when you pick it, don’t worry, we will snap it off at the wrapping station. We will use them for our planting stock next year.

If you are interested in purchasing bulbs, please visit our Online Store

This is a definite no. We may use these bulbs as our planting stock.  Also, when you dig them up that early in the season, you damage the root system of that flower and all the tulips around it causing them to die.

No. Please do not put it back in the ground (yes, people do this). Once the tulip is picked, it is yours.  If you stick them back in the ground, they will die and this is a loss for us as a business. It’s like eating food and not paying for it and is one of the reasons we include tulips in the entrance price.

We hope to open sometime in late April and will close when the tulips are done blooming. Please check the Bloom Report” before you plan your trip.

Exeter Rhode Island Bloom Report

Preston Connecticut Bloom Report

It is impossible to predict when the field will bloom. We expect to know the exact opening date 3-5 days before opening. We are monitoring the bud development closely and will provide timely forecasts and updates on our bloom report. We expect a blooming period of +/- 2 weeks.  This year, we planted our early and mid-blooming tulips in Exeter, RI and late-blooming tulips in Preston, CT.

We sometimes offer pre-picked bouquets through our curbside bouquet pickup, available by ticket. Visitors remain in their car and we place a bouquet of 20 tulips in your trunk. We will post details if/when this becomes available again

You do not have to pick and are very welcome to simply come and enjoy the sights and sounds of a large tulip field. You will still be required to purchase a ticket which includes 10 tulips. If you do not want them, we will donate them for you or you could consider gifting them to someone or even giving them as a random act of kindness. We would not be able to do what we do and be a sustainable business if we did not charge entrance as we get thousands of visitors who just want to see the tulips and take pictures.

Unfortunately we don't allow picnics due to COVID. 

Due to COVID we do not have any food vendors on site.

There is handicap parking available near the entrance to the field and there is a handicap port-a-john available. This is a farm, so although we are accessible, it is not always easy to maneuver. The farm is not paved; it can be uneven and muddy if wet. If you are up to off-roading in an electric wheel chair you should be fine;) Valid service dogs are welcome.


Yes! That is one of the best parts. We love seeing parents teach their kids how to take pictures in our fields, and it is a great backdrop for family, engagement, yearbook or any type of photos. We do have some guidelines that we ask you follow.  See our photography guidelines here.

No. We do not allow any kind of props. Tripods are allowed, but no reflectors, light stands, props etc.  Please do not use tripods in high traffic areas and be respectful of other people and our delicate tulips.

COVID Policies

We are following all CDC and state guidelines.  

Tickets are being sold by time slot to limit the number of visitors at one time, for both U-pick and curbside bouquet pickup.

Our fields are large enough to allow for social distancing and still have a pleasant experience.

We are offering a "speedy checkout" U-pick option for visitors who bring their own buckets. They can skip the wrapping station via our speedy checkout tent. The flowers will not be wrapped and need to be transported home in your own bucket.

We will stay 6' away from each other and our visitors.

Masks and gloves will be worn when interacting with visitors and while picking and bunching bouquets.

A handwashing station is provided for our staff.

Hand sanitizer and bleach will be used regularly, where appropriate.

Educating our team and customers, even though it means long emails :)

YES!!  Only those under age 2 or people who aren't able to wear a mask due to other health reasons are exempt.
If you are unable to visit because of COVID related quarantine/isolation or symptoms, we will offer you a refund.  Please email teamtulip@wickedtulips.com to request a refund and include "COVID refund" in the subject line.


Anyday tickets will not be sold this year; however, anyone who saved theirs from 2020 and did not receive a refund or use it for curbside pickup in 2020 can use it this year at either location for u-pick only.  We are no longer offering refunds.

While you are able to come at anytime during our regular business hours, you may have to wait, depending on our capacity.  


Curbside bouquet pickup operates by appointment, from noon-5pm.

Order your bouquet online **(add link) and schedule a pickup time.  Everyone who purchases a bouquet will drive by our tulip field.  Even if some days are sold out, check back because we may add additional pickup times as we try to increase the number of tulips we can pick and bunch per hour. 

 Mixed Bouquets: Our team will be picking and making bouquets fresh from the varieties that are ready for picking that day.  We cannot accommodate specific color/variety requests.  Thank you for understanding.

Pre-purchase Bouquets online ONLY and by Appointment ONLY by this link.

You must schedule an appointment for a specific time slot to pick up your bouquet- we need to control how many people we have at the farm.  For example, if you schedule a 1pm pickup, you can come anytime between 1-2pm.  

What happens when you arrive for the curbside bouquet pickup?

1. You must stay in your car at all times.

2. You will see signs directing you to enter.

3. You will then come to a sign that says stop.  One of our tulip team members will ask if you have an appointment for that particular time slot.  Please have your mask in place.

4. You will then be directed to the next tulip team member who will direct you towards our bouquet pick up area.  Please stay in your car.  

5. When you reach the pick up area, put your car in park and let the team know how many bouquets you ordered.  We can look up orders by your name.  However, we suggest printing your order and bringing with you in case there are any technical glitches.  We will not be handling your phone to look up at order.  Please have your mask in place.  

6. A team member will gather your bouquet(s) and put them in your trunk.  If you are not able to pop your trunk, unlock it from inside the car and we will open it.

7. Smile, look at or take pictures of the tulips from your car while you wait.  

Please check if there is an "additional bouquets" ticket available on the day you plan on visiting https://www.tickettailor.com/events/wickedtulips 

If we have picked/bunched enough tulips, we make this option available. If this option is not available, we do not have enough flowers.  

While it's best for you to come in the time appointment you made, if you can't make it in the appointed time slot, you may visit us another time that day. 

We pick the tulips based on the number of bouquets per day, so you must come on your day or have someone pick up your bouquet for you.  If you are unable to come, the bouquet won't go to waste as we will donate it.  We are not able to offer refunds if you are not able to pickup your bouquet.  

You need only one ticket per car. However, you are welcome to order more than 1 bouquet (pre-purchased online) **include link.

Please check with your home state and our states for applicable regulations about visiting.

No, 2020 anyday tickets cannot be  used for curbside bouquet pickups.  Anyday tickets will not be sold this year; however, anyone who saved theirs from 2020 and did not receive a refund or use it for curbside pickup in 2020 can use it this year at either location for u-pick only.  We are no longer offering refunds.

While you are able to come at anytime during our regular business hours, you may have to wait, depending on our capacity.  

If you purchased a bouquet online and now cannot find the order confirmation, it can be resent.  Simply go to the main ordering page and at the bottom go to "need help or lost your ticket" and then click on "please resend my ticket/order confirmation", provide your information -date of appointment and email used to place the bouquet order and you will be emailed the order confirmation.  

We completely understand having a favorite color and style of tulip!  However, we aren't able to accommodate certain style/variety/color requests.  We pick the flowers everyday based on what is ready to be picked while also being mindful about providing various colors in a bouquet.  

If you want a specific color or style, curbside pickup is not for you.  We suggest purchasing a U-Pick ticket.

Yes, we ask that you wear a mask when you are interacting with our staff.  When your car window comes down, your mask should be in place; this is not up for discussion.  Thank you for understanding as we try to keep you and our staff safe in this time of COVID-19.