2022 Season: We expect to be opening sometime in Late April, depending on nature! To get the earliest announcements about tickets, please subscribe to our newsletter.




May 21st 2021. Both our Exeter RI and Preston CT farms are CLOSED for the season. Thank you all for visiting and see you next Spring!

May 9th 2021  The Exeter RI location is closed but our late tulips are at their peak at our Preston, CT location.  

May 8th 2021  Mother's Day weekend update - we are completely sold out at both locations and have no additional tickets. They cannot be purchased at the door. If you do not have a ticket please don't visit- we will have to turn you away and cannot make any exceptions due to limited parking and COVID restrictions. We have tickets available next weekend and weekend in Preston CT. Use this link to purchase tickets - Preston U-pick Tickets 

May 6th 2021- The tulips live on in Exeter! Get them before they're gone :)

Mother's Day is sold out but you can still get tickets at our Exeter Location for Friday and Saturday. Purchase Exeter Tickets Here

It is winding down in Exeter but we planted so many flowers over there, 1/2 a million that we still have plenty of beautiful flowers to pick.  WE may even be open on Monday. The cool spring and not opening at full capacity has caused our tulips to last longer than past years. There are still green buds and parrots that are just opening. 

The pics below were all taken this morning :) Surprise Mom with a Friday or Saturday visit or treat yourself!


May 2nd, 2021- Wow, that was an incredible tulip picking weekend. Amazingly enough, we still have rows of tulips that are just opening or will this week. This week will be very beautiful and worth the visit. Tickets are on sale through Friday and don't forget BYO-Bucket.  


Mother Nature has spoken and we will be open throughout the week and into Mother's Day weekend. Tickets have been released up until Friday but we are holding off on the weekend until we can adequately assess field conditions, later in the week. If we feel we can have an enjoyable u-pick we will offer that but if the field is looking less than stellar we may do a Special Mother's Day Bouquet Curbside Pickup. 

April 29th, 2021: It's prime tulip picking time. The tulip field is gorgeous and so full of color and we still have some varieties that haven't opened. We expect they will this weekend. We are sold out Friday -Sunday but have tickets today, It is so quiet and peaceful and the colors are so bright due to overcast skies. Wear your boots, raincoat and bucket  and we promise you won't be disappointed. 


  • We have released u-pick tickets for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and are not sure how many days afterwards if any we will be open. We will asses the filed and update you.  
  • Curbside bouquet pickup tickets are available Sunday , Monday and Tuesday. 
  • U-pick Tickets for families of children or adults with special needs are available this Saturday from 8-10am. Use the password "SPECIALNEEDS2021". 
  • Purchase Tickets Here

A little FYI on our flowers and bulbs: 

Our flowers are $1/stem and do not include the bulb. We cannot reuse the bulb because it is coming out of the ground too soon to grow a big enough baby bulb to produce a flower. We keep it because it won't grow and we don't want folks to mistakenly  think our bulbs are poor quality. We are also experiencing a high number of flowers that are being picked and discarded in the field because the bulb did not come up with it. 
  • Don't worry if the bulb comes up when you pick your tulip - we will snap it off at checkout. It is coming out of the ground to soon the grow a flower/
  • Don't pick a tulip hoping for the bulb and when it doesn't come up put the flower back. We are losing thousands of tulips a day because of this and/or from folks picking and then discarding them and not buying them. 
  • This really hurts our business and is a lose lose for everyone since we lose the sale on the flower, there are less tulips for others to pick ( could have stayed open longer) and the bulb won't even grow. 

April 25th 2021 We are closed today due to bad weather. The tulip field is gorgeous, upcoming week will be the best week to visit us! We are not sure yet when our closing date in Exeter will be, but it could be as early as May 5th. 

April 22nd 2021 

We are hosting 2 lives today and can answer your questions!  Tune into Instagram at 1pm and Facebook at 1:30pm.

Flurries this morning after a warm week ...welcome to New England Spring! This will not affect the tulips at all :) We are closed today to regroup and prepare for tomorrow's grand opening. The only day that is sold out at the moment is Saturday the 24th. Keep in mind we are only selling about 90 tickets per half hour because we are not allowed to open at full capacity due to COVID regulations. There are a lot less tickets available this year. Our tickets have always sold out quickly for key dates and times, this is nothing new. If we are able to add more and stay within the regulations we will. We will be are assessing crowding and how to mitigate it so everyone can social distance. Thanks for understanding.

Check out our Happy Earth Day video on YouTube and don't forget to subscribe and click the bell for alerts when we post new videos. This is where we are sharing our Virtual Tulip Experience with everyone this year for free. We already have some yoga, music, dance etc. posted ,and of course it's all in the tulips.

April 21st 2021 

We closed early today due to Thunder Storm warnings. If you bought a ticket for 4 or later and didn't come earlier, we will automatically refund you. No need to email us. We will be closed Thursday to regroup and prepare for Fridays Grand Opening! Tickets will be on sale for Friday & Saturday, none for Sunday due to weather concerns (check back for changes), as well as Monday - Sunday May 2nd. The field is ready to pop.

*Yoga classes will start this Saturday- stay tuned for tickets to be released. 

Taken 4/20/2021 by Jonathon Packer Photography


April 18th 2021

We had our first "soft opening" day today(4/18/2021), for local Exeter residents. Tomorrow and Tuesday we have soft opening days too, open to everyone. 

Why only a soft opening? Because only 10% of our field is in bloom with 50,000 tulips ready for picking. We hope to have our grand opening Friday but are waiting to see what happens. We wait until 30% of the tulips are in bloom. We might be closed a couple day Wed/Thursday, as we watch the field burst in bloom!

Family Photo 4/17/2021
Photo Credit: Jonathon Packer 

April 17th 2021: We are opening our field to Exeter residents tomorrow for a soft opening from 1-7pm. The field is still not 30% in bloom but we hope it will be by next week. We do have about 50,000 tulips ready for picking now because Jeroen forced them to bloom sooner with row cover. If we don't sell out tonight we will extend this invite to non Exeter Residents tomorrow morning. Look for a newsletter and check Instagram and Facebook for ticket links. Oh, and if you are coming tomorrow wear your boots, it is very muddy. Remember you must purchase a ticket and make an appointment to visit the farm. Ticket Link


April 16th 2021: We got some unexpected snow this morning. Gotta love New England. This is why we can never really predict when we will open. We know it will be in the next 7 days or so but if the weather stays cold or heats up that can change the bloom time by several days. 

We are not yet at 30% bloom but we do have 50,000 tulips that are ready for picking due to Jeroen forcing them with row cloth (see update below). As a thank you and special treat  we are allowing a select number of Exeter, RI. residents to visit the field on Sunday for a pre-season u-pick, meet and greet with Jeroen and I and our Team. The link for these special Exeter resident only tickets will go out via our Newsletter today or tomorrow. We will welcome the rest of you very very soon :)  We hope to open the curbside on Monday or Tuesday. It is has been held up because the farm road isn't quite ready. 

April12th, 2021: The tulips are ahead of schedule and it is looking like we are 7-10 days away from opening the Rhode Island farm .  We have some blooming or getting close to bloom now in Exeter RI but we will wait till the field is 30% in bloom to open our u-pick. Check back and make sure you are signed up for our newsletter as that is where we will update you about ticket sales before opening them up to the general public. Remember tickets will not go on sale until we announce an opening date. 

In the picture below you can see where some of the tulips are blooming and the others are still green, This is because Jeroen covered part of these rows with row cover as an experiment to see how early he could get them to bloom. The ones that weren't covered are about 7-10 away from blooming. 

April 1st 2021 - Our first blooming tulip of the season, yay!! 🌷 This doesn’t mean we are going to open any time soon, we still estimate some time late April. We did a small test to make tulips bloom earlier. A couple beds we covered with row cover and will bloom a bit sooner than the rest of the tulips. This variety is called Red Emperor and always blooms 1-2 weeks earlier.

March 23rd 2021 A couple rows are way ahead because with covered them row cover!

March 23rd 2021 We took off the row cover we put on as a test. These tulips are 10 days ahead of schedule!

February 28th 2021 - First tulips are up!

November 2nd 2020 - bulbs are ready for their winter sleep!

October 29nd 2020 - Planting our last bulbs in the rain.

October 22nd 2020 - Ready to plant our first bulbs at our new farm!

October 2020 - Almost ready to plant our first bulbs at our new farm!

October 2020 - We were prepared this year and weren't afraid of any size rock... 

October 2020 - Preparing the soil at our new farm. We started a month earlier than last year, this way we did not need to be stressed in case things didn't go as planned.

Fall 2020 - Our first picnic at our new Exeter RI farm! We fell in love with this property at first sight. It is very quite, peaceful and has gorgeous trees!






April 16, 2021


Judith M Donohoe/ Florida said:

Thank you so much; my cousins are from Swansea, Massachusetts; I flew there yesterday to visit your tulip farm. I have been to the Netherlands several times; only once was I able to hit their peak tulip season. While your farm is not yet the Kugenhoff Gardens, you are on your way. We each have ten tulips and are taking them to family cemeteries soon.
Many thanks to you, and always good luck, health, and peace.🌷

Suzanne Okerfelt said:

I love everything about Wicked Tulip Farm!
A kind , beautiful, calm moment in time!!!!❤️

Erika Ahern said:

I love your Tulips !! Best day of my year visiting your farm! Been going since 2015. It is my happy place

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