When do you open and how can I get tickets?
In this short video, Keriann talks about everything you need to know on how to get a ticket and when we expect to open!

During blooming season (late April through May), the ticket links on this page will list available dates & times for U-Pick Events, Yoga in the Tulips and more.

Tickets go on sale a few days before we open, and will be added for a few days at a time, so we can assure you have plenty of blooms when you arrive

If you visit a ticket link below, and there are no tickets listed for sale, it may be too early or too late in the season, or, we may be between ticket batching, so try back! As always, our blooming reports are the best way to find out what is going on at our farms!

Please read "Visitor 101" to plan your visit and maximize your tulip experience! Our farms are open for only a few weeks each year, and we also sell high-quality bulbs on this website, so you can plant high-quality bulbs at your home as well!