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Fall Bulb Extravaganza
Pay-to-Wrap Daily Donations
Tulips for Love & Hope

Wicked Tulips has always had a commitment to giving back, and we have a few programs that spread the joy of tulips to all corners of the community!

Keriann, Jeroen and amazing Team Tulip super stars Leah, Kelly, Karen, Inga and others are instrumental in making these programs happen. We thank everyone in the community who nominates recipients and helps deliver these cheerful tulip treats! Please scroll down for more information about all of our Spring and Fall programs. If you are interested in naming a bench or picnic table at our farm, you can click here.

 Tulips for Love & Hope


Since the pandemic, Tulips for Love & Hope has donated over 66,000 tulips to community organizations like food pantries, veteran's organizations, wildlife rescues, schools, libraries, health centers, community outreach programs, and countless nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. 

This program is run by a team of dedicated volunteers, who log 200+ hours in a season, making beautiful bouquets from premium tulips and fine "field rescues" that delight and uplift the community.

In 2023 alone, this program donated over 28,000 tulips to over 150 nominated organizations!  [updated Feb 22, 2024]

You can see photos of happy recipients on our social media pages. To nominate someone, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and get alerted when it's time to nominate recipients!


Fall Bulb Extravaganza!

Each fall, near the end of our shipping season, we donate thousands of bulbs to community groups, schools and non-profit organizations who may wish to plant them to bring the joy of tulips to their communities!

In fall 2021, fall 2022 and fall 2023, we donated a total of 7,500 premium imported bulbs, ready to plant!  Who knows what this year will bring? We don't know what that will be yet... except for it will surely be TULIPS! 

Sign up for our newsletter to find out when it begins this year!

2023 FALL BULB GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA is now closed. Thank you for all of your nominations! There are a few pickups pending, so if you've been notified, please email to set a time.
[updated Nov 20, 2023]



Paid Wrapping - benefiting local charities & non profits every day in season!

In spring 2022, we began offering a pay-to-wrap option for tulips, where a portion of the $5 fee would be given to a local charity or non-profit each day. These charities are selected by staff and volunteers.

Thank you everyone for participating! ❤️ In 2022, over $10,000 was donated to more than a dozen charities. In 2023, interest and donations grew, and more than $22,000 was donated to local community groups! Thank you for your extra donations too. You are a generous 'bunch' (no pun intended)! [updated June 14, 2023]

We're continuing this tradition in 2024, with favorite community organizations selected by Wicked Tulips volunteers and staff each day. Check out the board near our entrance to see who will receive today's donations.


If you are interested in learning about our #GivingBack programs, please subscribe to our newsletter where we announce all programs and share links to nomination and application forms.