Preston CT is  CLOSED 

Season Length:

May 14th was the last day of our season. 

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May 14th was the last day of our season. WE ARE CLOSED

May 11th, 2024 we still have hundreds of thousands of tulips in bloom. This is the last weekend you can visit us! 

May 8th, 2024
Our fields are still absolutely stunning! We are looking forward to a great Mother’s Day weekend! 
May 3rd, 2024
A beautiful drone shot from our field today!

May 1st, 2024 We have many late blooming varieties, these are going to be perfect for Mother's Day! Some of them just start to bloom!

April 29th, 2024 This year we have our largest field so far - more and more tulips start to bloom every day!

April 28th, 2024 We have had a gorgeous weekend! Many of our tulips are not blooming yet, we are glad tomorrow it will be mid 70’s. Lots of new color will pop!


April 24th, 2024
Every day we see more color! Our Preston farm is spectacular - over 100 varieties will bloom this season!

April 23th, 2024 Opening Day! We have about 25 varieties blooming! These are the early varieties and the first mid blooming  varieties. By the weekend Most of the mid blooming tulips start to bloom. It is already looking gorgeous! 
April 20th, 2024
The weather is looking great for the next week. The tulips are getting ready for Opening Day Tuesday April 23!

The Parking field will be also in great condition. We expect zero mud, as long the rain stays away! 

April 16th, 2024 
Look at the difference of ONE DAY - Wow!

April 15th, 2024 Some more color today! It's amazing how quickly this warmer weather is making the tulips bloom! It's mostly green today, but by Friday, we expect lots of color!

April 12th, 2024 The first tulips start to bloom! We open in about 10 days!

April 8th, 2024 Lots of tulip buds, soon the first blooms!  It looks like the weather is turning a bit. Hopefully we see the sunshine more in the next weeks! Our Preston, CT u-pick field is likely opening the week of April 22nd. We do not know the exact date yet.

March 17th, 2024 The early varieties are greening up the field!

 ~ 2023 SEASON BELOW ~

May 12th, 2023 It is the last day of the season :(

It was our longest season ever! 5.5 weeks! Opening day was April 5th at our Exeter RI location. Preston CT opened April 19th and Johnston RI opened April 27th. Our Preston CT location lasted 24 days! A bit longer than usual!

Our show garden in Preston CT is still gorgeous! 

May 8th, 2023 We have good news!  Starting May 9th, each adult will receive 5 extra tulips. So you can pick some extra tulips for mom!  Unfortunately we are not going to make it until Mother's Day... We are going to close May 12th. There are still plenty beautiful tulips left for picking, but there are also areas with flowers either bloomed out or picked over. The show garden is still very beautiful!

Pictures below are from Monday may 8th!


May 7th, 2023  We had a lovely weekend. Sunny and colorful! These pictures where taking Sunday morning. With the warmer temperatures, the early & mid bloomers might be bloomed out by Mother's Day. We will assess the field today and plan to add more tickets for Thursday and Friday. We are likely open with Mother's Day weekend , but with a reduced rate, because we anticipate that the field will not be as vibrant anymore upcoming weekend. However, we have many late blooming tulips great for picking and the field should be great for pictures!

May 5, 2023 The field is gorgeous and these tulips are waiting to be picked! We recommend coming in the next 5 days - come pick some tulips early for Mother’s Day!


May 3rd, 2023 We have beautiful cool weather, the tulips love it! We will have a nice long season and might be even open with Mother's Day. We just put tickets on sale until Wednesday May 9th. Tickets for later dates and possibly Mother's Day will go on sale as soon we are confident that the field is looking gorgeous and wow-worthy! 

May 1st, 2023 we are super grateful for the sun shining today! The field is gorgeous - the tulips like these cooler temperatures. Wednesday or Thursday we are adding more dates to our ticket system. Initially probably until May 10th. After that we have to asses the field from day to day. 

April 28th, 2023 6pm - YOGA IS CANCELLED

April 28th, 2023 Good news! We opened up ticket sales for this weekend at both farms! It looks like during the day it will just drizzle a bit. We don’t expect muddy conditions in fields or in our parking lot.

Did you know that all adult tickets include 10-pick tulips? Additional tulips are $1/stem.

Both farms are gorgeous! Johnston RI is boutique and picturesque & Preston is enormous (and picturesque)

April 27, 2023

The fields are dry and beautiful! Photos by Meredith Albright who you may have seen in the fields taking photos of tulips and asking you to smile for the camera ;-)  If we have heavy rains over this coming weekend, be sure to check back here for any announcements about parking. Our grass parking lots need monitoring for mud and we'll let you know if any changes.

April 24th, 2023 We got a lot more rain than we anticipated yesterday. We are glad the sun is going the shine again today. We will work hard to improve our parking situation. We believe today should not be an issue. The field will be still a bit muddy and slippery

April 23th, 2023  Possible Thunder & Lightning

We recommend that you visit us after 2pm today. You don’t need to email us. There is the potential for thunder and lightning today. Especially before noon. We want you to be aware of our policy to keep everyone safe.
If there is lightning, we will ask you to clear the field and wait in your car until it has been 30 minutes after both the last sound of thunder and after the last flash of lightning.
If you decide not to come to the farm today, you can choose to come back another day during the week or request a refund via email.
Your safety is our top priority!

April 19th, 2023 - Opening day! It is an early season,  a week earlier than usually. Our 2023 season has our biggest tulip field ever! 700,000 tulips!! We recommend visiting sooner than later. Tulip season is short, only +\- 2 weeks.  We open when at least 30% is in bloom. “Most of them” will never be visible in bloom all at once. Early tulips are being picked and can’t be seen later in season. Late blooming tulips are still green in the beginning. That’s why we always say “Any day we are open is a perfect day!” 🙂 we want to “wow” visitors - and for that reason any time we are open it means you can expect to be wowed! Looking at our reviews we won’t disappoint people very often…

Our Show Garden is back! We planted 75 varieties in raised beds - these tulips are not for picking.  

April 16th, 2023 WOW! Our Preston CT field turned color overnight! Two days ago this field was still green… we are opening Wednesday - be ready for a ticket email announcement tomorrow evening!! (tickets are not on sale yet)


April 11, 2023   With the warm weather predicted this week, we could see accelerated blooming and and open earlier than previously anticipated.  Kees found his very first bloom yesterday, and we are thinking we could see a soft opening happening as early as April 19th* with Grand Opening shortly thereafter. See our raised beds below for our show gardens in Preston. This will be a really pleasant space to view our most striking varieties. We'll keep you posted. It's helpful to follow us on social media too to see what's happening at other farms (just in case you can't wait 😉)


March 28, 2023

Preston fields are showing shoots.

 March 2023


November 2022

Lots of Rocks that need to be moved in Preston, CT


January 10, 2024


Nancy Foersch said:

My daughter and I visited the Preston location, for the first time last April. What a wonderful mother daughter day we had strolling through the amazing varieties of tulips! A feast for the eyes! It was difficult to choose which ones to to pick, so we picked more than only 10 stems. I hope to make this an annual trip, it’s a quite the Springtime experience.🌷🌤️🌷

Laura Holt said:

Fabulous experience in Exeter. So happy to have beautiful blooms & be able to make lovely arrangements once home. Hope to try Preston this week. Thank you all !

Marie Nocera said:

I forgot to mention on my comment… We went to Your “Preston Wicked Tulip Farm” ! It was our First time ever at any Tulip farm! Your Volunteers and staff people were all so professional and nice to us and everyone around us! Ever row of tulips were so easy to walk through, pick our tulips and take photos! Our “Time there will be treasured”! Your Awesome for making our Mother’s Day special! I took lots of nice photos even though the sun wasn’t out in the early evening! We were ready for sun with our Mother’s Day Hats! Hehe Thanks Again for a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday! My daughter brought me for my Mother’s Day gift… what a treasure it was! Your Tulips are so beautiful, some I’ve never seen the shapes and colors before! We will return next season and I plan to order some of your bulbs today to plant in our new Home in Ledyard! Thanks again for a very fun Day… Tip toeing through your Tulips!
God Bless, Marie & Christy 🥰❤️💛💚💜

Marie Nocera said:

“Thank You for a wonderful Mother’s Day”! Your Tulips are so Beautiful and fresh! My Daughter brought me to your farm yesterday for a Mother’s Day gift! So much fun picking our own Tulips and some extras to share! We were amazed at all the different types, shapes and colors of Gorgeous Tulips. I have never really been a Big Tulip fan, I’m not sure why! “But I am NOW”! Hehe I will have to order some of your bulbs and start my own little garden! What a great farm you have set up! We will see you next season! God Bless and Happy Tip toeing through the Tulips! ❤️💜💚💙💛💗😎

Marika Joyner said:

I heard about you this morning and tonight you’re on tv! I am so excited to visit the farm and maybe speak with a fellow Dutchman and woman!
Tot gauw!

Ann Wicks said:

A friend introduced me to the Exeter, RI location last week. What a beautiful sight and what gorgeous tulips. It was truly uplifting after such an awful year with the pandemic. I signed up for email notifications and will definitely visit you next year. Thank you for doing what you are doing and bringing joy to lots of people.

Elizabeth Rin-Windsor said:

This Tulips farm is unbelievable. So many type of Tulips 🌷 all staff is friendly n helpful. Dont miss out if u a Tulips lover.

Theresa Johnson said:

Welcome to Preston Ct. I look forward to bringing my granddaughters to your tulip field for flowers and pictures. Best of Luck in your new fields! I have always wanted to tiptoe through the tulips!!

Judith L Gasparino said:

We are excited and can’t wait to see the beautiful bloom of tulips on our farm!!
Praying for a wonderful and successful season,
Bob and Judy Gasparino

Paul Lussier said:


Libby Friedman said:

Can’t wait! What’s the estimated date for opening?

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