Bloom Report Tulip Farm Preston CT

Get ready for a socially distant U-pick at our NEW Preston, Connecticut location - Tickets are on sale now!

Please note:

  • In order to visit our farm you must pre-purchase a ticket and make an appointment. If you choose to show up without having done so we will sadly have to turn you away. Tickets are sold in 1/2 hour increments. Check in within your 1/2 hour and then stay as long as you would like until we close at 7pm. 
  • There is a  scenic walk from the main parking area to the field- it takes 5 minutes give or take depending on your speed. If anyone in your party has ambulatory issues, expecting moms etc. please let our parking staff know so they can direct you to our handicap parking area, which is just outside the entrance to the field. If you or someone in your party makes it to the field but can't make it back , someone can pick you up in this area as well. 


May 21st 2021. Both our Exeter RI and Preston CT farms are CLOSED for the season. Thank you all for visiting and see you next Spring!

May 19th 2021: Last Call- Tulip season is winding down in Connecticut. We are open today 10 am -7 pm and tomorrow 4pm-8pm for a special sunset in the tulips experience. If we are able to we will open Friday from 4-8pm but that would be our last day. If you are trying to visit before we close your best bet is today or tomorrow as Friday is up in the air. Purchase Tickets Here . The picture below was taken yesterday and are the varieties we still have available. 


5/17 4pm  It looks like it cleared(as of 4pm), but the weather seems very quick and unpredictable today. We are letting folks in as of now 4pm , but will need to evacuate again if thunder and lighting comes back.

WEATHER ALERT: our farm is CLOSED until +/-4pm. We Heavy thunderstorm warning. Anyone who can not enter the farm today, can come later today, Tue or wed. If you can’t come at all we will refund your tickets.

May 16th:

We opened back up again! We were briefly closed between 2 and 3pm because of a thunderstorm. Anyone who can not enter today, can come later today or Mon/Tue/wed. If you can’t come at all we will refund your tickets.

May 13th 2021: 
Tickets are sold out Friday- Sunday but new tickets have just been added Monday- Wednesday. Don't forget to BYO-Bucket and water for the ride home. Tulips don't like to be out of water for more than an hour. Purchase U-pick Tickets Here

Last call for yoga in the tulips, a rare once a season experience that should not be missed. Tickets for yoga are still available this Friday & Saturday . Classes are $35 and include entrance to the u-pick and 10 tulips. 9-9:45 am. Purchase Yoga Tickets Here

May 10th 2021: Join us this week for an incredible show of color.  Exeter RI is closed but Preston's tulips are in peak bloom and will remain so throughout the week and weekend. Purchase tickets here. Come sooner than later, tulip season doesn't last forever and we can never really predict when we will close.

This is one of my favorite rows.  Blushing lady in pink and yellow, Black Parrot, Greenland in pink and green and City of Vancouver in creamy white to pull it all together. Create your own Wicked Tulips garden. All our bulbs are 20% off until the end of the month. Purchase now for delivery in October when its time to plant . Wicked Tulips Bulbs


May 9th 2021 Happy Mother's Day! We hope you all have a wonderful day. We are sold out but there are tickets available for next week. This mom was surprised by her daughter with a visit to the tulips. Love the creative vase she made for her mom. I love how truly happy they look. 


May8th 2021 Mother's Day weekend update - we are completely sold out at both locations and have no additional tickets. They cannot be purchased at the door. If you do not have a ticket please don't visit- we will have to turn you away and cannot make any exceptions due to limited parking and COVID restrictions. We have tickets available next weekend and weekend in Preston CT.

May 5th 2021 We had our Grand Opening today and oh what a day it was :) The weather was perfect, the tulips glorious and the smiles joyous! It was pretty perfect. Don't forget to BYO-Bucket and have some water waiting in the car for the ride home. Your tulips will appreciate it and last longer.

We are sold out for Mother's Day weekend but you can get tickets at our Exeter Location for Friday and Saturday. Purchase Exeter Tickets Here

It is winding down in Exeter but we planted so many flowers over there, 1/2 a million that we still have plenty of beautiful flowers to pick.  See our Exeter Bloom Report Here The cool spring and not opening at full capacity has caused our tulips to last longer than past years. 

May 2nd 2021 - Wicked Tulips Preston Ct to open Thursday May 6th with a possible soft opening on the 4th.Tickets now available for May 6th-16th. Yes that means Mother's Day weekend!!! 


April 29th 2021- The field is starting to slowly come into bloom! We are hoping to be open by Mother's day weekend :). At this point it will be u-pick only. If we decide to change that and include curbside we will update you.

*Picture to come 

April 12th 2021- It looks like the Preston farm is 7-10 days ahead of schedule. We may very well be open before Mother's Day!!! We will wait till the field is 30% in bloom to open our u-pick. Check back and make sure you are signed up for our newsletter since that is where we will update you about ticket sales before opening them up to the general public. Remember tickets won't go on sale until we announce an opening date. Our Rhode Island farm will be opening in the next week or so. Check it out here RI Farm Bloom Report




April 5th 2021 - The tulips are growing happy & healthy! In about a month we expect the first tulips to bloom in Preston! 

February 28th 2021 - The tulips are ready to wake up from their winter sleep, but we need some warmer weather!

December 10th 2020 Drone picture of our new Preston Connecticut tulip farm!

November 10th 2020 Wow what a beautiful warm day and sunset! 

November 8th 2020 A foggy morning at our new tulip farm in Preston Connecticut.

November 8th 2020 Plenty of big rocks...

November 8th 2020 Beautiful morning! These moments I feel very very grateful that I am able to do what I am doing!




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