wow-worthy fields for guests and pro photographers too!

📸 March 1, 2024, our professional photographers sign up form will go live below!

Visitors may take photos anytime (see common-sense guidelines below)

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General Admission visitor photography: Taking photos is one of the best things about visiting our U-pick event ~ Bring Your Camera!

Simple Rules:
» Yes to tripods, but no reflectors, light stands, props etc.
» Do not use tripods in high traffic areas and be respectful of other people and our delicate tulips
» Stay out of the tulip beds. If you damage flowers, you are responsible for paying for them.
» Stay off all farm equipment, including and not limited to tractors, etc.
» No drones 
» A site fee & scheduling is required for professional photo shoots (see below)


Wicked Tulips Flower Farm provides a stunning backdrop for professional, amateur, and smartphone photographers alike. All are welcome, but we do require a site fee for professional photo-shoots or anything for monetary gain. No pets.

We love having you and your clients make beautiful memories in our field and we want to thank you in advance for helping us make this a  safe and successful year for everyone.

signup goes live March 1, 2024


Professional Photography Policies & Prices

Photo Credit: Suzanne Gliddon David

Please be aware the field is open to everyone and we do not have an area that is cordoned off for photo shoots. It is important you set the appropriate expectation for your clients and realize there may be customers in your shot- especially during popular days and times. Your site fee allows you the flexibility of rescheduling and being able to purchase tickets for your clients the day of the shoot without having to worry about them selling out.

Site Fee & Entrance Tickets:  you will need both

  • Photographers must purchase a (refundable) site fee that allows them to schedule their photo shoot. This site fee includes one entrance ticket for the photographer. However, it does not include tulips. Site fees can be rescheduled or refunded - see policies below. 
  • The photographer will also need to purchase special entrance tickets for their clients and assistants.  
  • Session options are: 60 minute single session for $50 or our multiple session option of 90 minutes for $75. The multiple session option is perfect for mini shoots. The 60 minute session is not to be used for multiple sessions. You will also have the option of adding on time in 30 minute increments when you purchase your site fee.
  • After purchasing a site fee, photographers receive a confidential link to purchase non-refundable entrance tickets for their clients and/or assistants. These entrance tickets do not sell out, we suggest that you wait until the day before to purchase these tickets. 
  • Everyone involved in the photo shoot needs an entrance ticket to enter the tulip field. The site fee includes the photographer's entrance ticket (without tulips). 
  • Ticket pricing: Adult Photography tickets are $23 and include 10 U-pick tulips. Children 5-17 are $5 and do not include tulips. Children 4 and under are free
  • Anyone can pick additional tulips at $1/stem. They should do this before the shoot if it is a late shoot. We close at 7pm. Please be respectful of our closing time. We work long hours and want to go home at the end of the day. 

    Scheduling your shoot: 

    • After you purchase your site fee, you will receive a confirmation email with a confidential link to purchase entrance tickets for your clients.  Do not forward this link to clients or anyone else. Clients are not allowed to buy these special photo shoot tickets themselves.
    • Entrance tickets are nonrefundable. We suggest that you buy them the day before your photo shoot. These special tickets do not sell out.

    Canceling or Rescheduling: 

    • Canceling: If you need to cancel your appointment and are not rescheduling, you must do so a minimum of 1 hour before your appointment time in order to receive a full site fee refund. If it is after the 1 hour mark, you will receive a 50% refund. We suggest building this into your contract with your clients and require a deposit so that if they cancel you are not left responsible. This gives you plenty of time to assess the weather as well. Refunds can take up to 30 days. You can cancel using the link provided in your confirmation email that you received when you scheduled your site visit.
    • Rescheduling: You can reschedule your appointment on your own provided it is 1 hours or more before your appointment. You can not reschedule less than 1 hour before your shoot (see above cancellation policy). You can reschedule using the link provided in your confirmation email that you received when you scheduled your site visit.


    When you and your clients arrive:

    • Dedicated Photo Check-in: Photographers and their clients do not need to go through our regular visitor check-in. We have a Photography check-in line! 
    • If you need to ask someone to move away while taking your photos, please be polite and respectful. 
    • If you are doing a late photoshoot that ends when we close at 7pm, please be courteous and respectful. We need you to be done and leaving by 7pm, so plan accordingly. If clients want tulips, they will need to come well before their photoshoot to pick them beforehand, otherwise they will need to forfeit picking. Educate your clients and set proper expectations so it is enjoyable for everyone. The last thing you want is to have a fabulous shoot that ends with disappointment.

    Other Tips for a fabulous shoot:

    • If you are scheduling more than one session, we recommend creating a free account with our scheduling platform  "Acuity Scheduling". You can do that after you purchase a site fee.  This will help you to manage your appointments. 
    • Bring your own baskets. We may have some available for you to use but we cannot guarantee that they will be available at the time of your photo shoot.
    • Clients cannot enter the tulip field without their ticket. It is the photographer’s responsibility to make sure their client(s) have their tickets. WTFF staff will not hold tickets at the "door" for them.
    • No photography equipment except camera bag/lenses & tripods. No props, i.e., reflectors, light stands, etc. 

    link will go live March 1, 2024

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      Yoga in the Tulips

      We offer special Yoga in the Tulips classes in springtime when our fields are in bloom. Typically, we run classes on weekend mornings and maybe a weekday or two.

      Cost is $35 and includes time in our fields and stems to take home!

      To learn more visit our Yoga page and check for limited-batch released tickets when the fields are open!


      Do you enjoy the outdoors?  

      Could you see yourself spending
      your spring days in breathtaking, blooming tulip fields?  Would you like to join a team of fun, friendly, and hardworking people?

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      How to Pick a Tulip!

      There is a best way to pick a tulip, and it's easy! No scissors are required, but please DO bring a bucket with water.

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      Taking photos is one of the best things about visiting our U-pick event! Please respect our farm and other visitors.
      General Guidelines
      » Yes to tripods, but no reflectors, light stands, props etc.
      » Do not use tripods in high traffic areas.
      » Stay out of the tulip beds. If you damage flowers, you pay for them.
      » Stay off all farm equipment, including and not limited to tractors, etc.
      » No drones without permission.
      » A site fee for professional photo shoots is required.

      Please also read our professional photography policy and scheduling page.

      Photo credit: Maaike Bernstrom