A blooming husband-and-wife team

Their first blooming business was called EcoTulips. It began in 2009 when Keriann, a self described "green girl" met Jeroen Koeman, who hailed from a Dutch family of tulip growers. They fell in love, got married, and started the first certified organic flower bulb company in the US, EcoTulips.com. In September 2015, they moved from Central Virginia to Rhode Island and started their new endeavor Wicked Tulips Flower Farm. In 2018, the couple decided to simplify things and combine EcoTulips.com with Wicked Tulips Flower Farm. They will now sell all their products under the same brand-name Wicked Tulips. The duo has been importing bulbs from Holland since 2009 and are now growing their own! Keriann is a native New Englander, so Rhode Island's proximity to family combined with the colder climate made it perfect for starting a tulip farm here in the States - a long time dream of Jeroen's. They are incredibly proud and excited to be the only tulip bulb growers on the East Coast!

As they did in Virginia, the couple will open up their farm to visitors in the spring. They planted 5 acres with tulips and will host the only U-pick Tulip Event in New England! Tiptoe through acres of tulips and experience the sights, sounds and smells of spring. Bring home a fresh picked bouquet of the most amazing tulips you have ever seen. 


 Photo credit Hallie Jade Pictures 


Jeroen and Keriann started EcoTulips because they believe pesticides don’t belong in our gardens where our children play and bees pollinate.  They have been working very hard to protect pollinators by increasing awareness about the systemic pesticides used in the flower industry. These pesticides have been linked to declining bee, bird, and butterfly populations. Making pesticide free bulbs available for the true nature lover is very rewarding and they enjoy being  part of a fast growing community of sustainable gardeners and farmers.

In addition to providing bulbs that are good for the environment, Jeroen and Keriann are also very passionate about growing unique, hard to find tulips.  Jeroen is in close contact with Dutch tulip breeders, which gives him the opportunity to find tulips that have the qualities their customers are asking for- fragrance, longevity, incredible beauty and uniqueness.

The Farm

Located in Johnston, RI - Jeroen and Keriann feel very fortunate to be able to grow their flowers on a beautiful historic farm surrounded by nature. They lease State owned land from the NRICD. The farm is located within the boundaries of Snake Den Park, a 744-acre State Park that stretches from Hartford Avenue to Greenville Avenue, along the Brown Avenue Historic District. The farm was founded in 1789, and has been maintained as a working farm for over 200 years. Snake Den Farm is now home to a diverse group of farmers and is "growing" a strong, supportive community of like-minded individuals who believe in stewardship of the land. The "Snake Den Farm" program goals are to create a center for agricultural education and to make Snake Den Farm a community attraction.


 Photo credit Jenn Lyons Marcocci  

 Certified Organic Bulbs

All the bulbs we sell are certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers. Contact us if you need a copy of our organic certification.