There are so many things happening at the farm each springtime! Be sure to subscribe to our email list to always find out what's going on. Yoga in the Tulips & Movement Experience Mini-retreats are the link below please scroll down for more special events

NEW in 2022:  Wim Hof Method (WHM) Breathing Classes and/or Ice Bath Sessions

Wim Hof Certified Instructors Kevin Ferry and Jeroen's Cousin Linda Koeman are offering many mix and match WHM experiences in the tulips! 
All live events include take 10 "U-Pick" tulips home
 Learn all about the benefits of Wim Hof's techniques!

May 15 events in Preston

"Sensory Friendly" Morning for Families of Neurodivergent Youth & Adults with Complimentary Family Photo by our ON THE SPOT photographers

Exeter May 2nd  8-10AM •  Preston May 9th 8-10AM

You are welcome to visit as long as you like and do not need to leave at 10AM :-)

We are creating a low sensory environment that has reduced crowds, noise, and distractions to respect the needs some of our visitors require to have a positive experience during the days/times listed above. We look forward to your visit and any feedback on your experience.