Team Tulip shares some of our favorite recipes, including a video of making traditional Dutch Speculaas Cookies with Keriann and Kees! Scroll down this page for all of Team Tulip's favorite cookie recipes. Enjoy!


Kay's Super Cute Christmas Eve Mice (recipe link)

"My fave holiday cookie isn't really a cookie - it is Christmas Eve mice like in the night before Christmas Poem. I make it every Christmas Eve, they are so funky!"

Keriann's Speculaas Cookies (recipe link

Speculaas are an all time traditional holiday treat in Holland. Fun fact - the reason we call cookies 'cookies' and not 'biscuits' like the English do is because of the Dutch influence here. They call them koekjas, pronounced cook-ya!

Speculaas have their own special spice mix similar to our pumpkin pie spice with a touch of white pepper too."

Inga's Favorite Gingerbread Cookies (recipe link)

"This was a tradition that I started when my kids were little. I'd make big batches for them to decorate and as they got older they would have their friends do it along with a gift exchange."

Leah's Matzoon Cookie Recipe (recipe link)

"This is an Armenian recipe. Armenians don't do overly sweet desserts, but this is a fun and simple recipe that is really good with a cup of tea or coffee. It is similar to a muffin top. FYI- Matzoon is plain yogurt!"

Elizabeth's Italian Wedding Cookie Recipe (recipe link)

"My mother-in-law is a prolific baker and makes so many tins of cookies that they can be stacked from floor to ceiling. Each year she adds varieties to make sure everyone gets their favorites! I can't wait to eat these Italian Wedding Cookies."


December 04, 2022


Patricia said:

Thanks so much for sharing Dutch culture and recipes with us. Fun, fascinating and delish.
Merry Christmas

Susan Collins said:

Thank you and MerryChristmas

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