11/2/22 This is our biggest season ever: ~1.5 million tulip bulbs are getting planted in the fields right now!

Each u-pick farm will feature dozens of different varieties, so no matter where you visit us, you can expect to see - and stroll through - colorful tulips that you can't find anywhere else. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get early access to Any Day Tickets. These go on sale in winter and always sell out fast!

Fast Facts About Spring 2023

  • Our largest u-pick field will be in Preston, CT and will feature 100+ early/mid and late-blooming varieties.
  • We'll have two locations in RI, open at different times! We plan to "force" earlier blooming in Exeter, RI by covering rows to mimic warmer weather. We are aiming for an early-mid April* opening there!
  • We anticipate Johnston, RI being ready to open in early May* with more later-blooming tulips. We are so excited to be back at the Johnston farm with its big beautiful barn and red silos, and to welcome our Boston friends to our northern-most location! ~ Jeroen

*All dates are approximate and dependent on Mother Nature
November 01, 2022


Roxanne Marshal said:

I have been to your farms three times and have always been amazed at how gorgeous the tulips are!! Can’t wait for next year as I plan to visit all three locations. I am a photographer in Massachusetts, and I always bring friends with me to enjoy the beauty of your fields.

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