I have always been drawn to tulips because they span nearly every color family, and they delight me with vibrancy and cheer after a long winter. So, when I saw the 2022 Pantone® color of the year, Veri Peri, I thought about how fun it would be to explore the colors of our favorite tulips and those natural tones that complement them so beautifully.

I really hope you can bring home that happy feeling you get when you visit our u-pick events, and enjoy color in all areas of your life!   

Be sure to scroll down for 4 printable palettes made from tulips and decorating tips too.




Did you know, we meticulously design each row of tulips around colors that inspire us and our visitors? 

Was there a color, shape or style of tulip that inspired you? Was there a group of colors that brought a smile to your face? Whatever it is it doesn’t have to stay in the tulip field!

I even have a favorite tulip scarf I love to wear in the spring which is light and airy but protects my neck from those brisk spring breezes. Several of the tulips in the palettes below will be blooming this spring at our U-pick events, and will also be for sale when our bulb store is active too. We also plan to have some new varieties blooming at our farms in April & May. Just you wait... there are so many beautiful colors yet to come! 

Decorating with color: it's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

I love making the spaces I inhabit beautiful and welcoming and color is such an easy and impactful way to do that. Mother Nature offers both striking and soothing examples and I look to her for inspiration. 


  1. Choose a color that invokes a happy memory, a feeling, or even a person or place.

  2. You can use this as a paint choice, a bedspread, throw pillow or even a piece of art

  3. Match it to a complementary -- or to a related -- color like we have shown you on some of the palettes below. Or, you can even check out a color wheel to see what moves you. Colors that are next to or across from your chosen color work very well.

    This painting inspired some of the decor in our bedroom photo above, and is so similar to the City of Vancouver Tulip with a touch of Veri Peri on my pillow.  I find these colors very soothing which is why I used them in our bedroom. 


    Tulip color palettes


    One of my favorite colors is magenta which pairs well with green and shades of plum. One tulip that I love in this shade is Rousillion. I wear this color and it finds it way onto my throw pillows and lipstick. The leaves on the Rousillion tulip are a gray green which really make the color pop. You can often find me in a pair of blue jeans, a magenta top and a green cashmere sweater in the winter and early spring.


     The naturally paired colors in the palettes below also come from the surrounding environment of the tulips. Nature always knows what will look beautiful! One of things I love about tulips is how when you look closely you often see several shades of the same color on a single petal.

    Negrita is a "purple" tulip but is so much more. The color palette below pulls out all her gorgeous shades and tones.  


    color design tips

    Walking into a room inspired by the Big Smile Tulip would just have to feel good! My mom painted my childhood room a bright yellow like this and to this day yellow houses or rooms make me smile - thanks mom :)

    Gavota has so many rich tones. Look at that purple-y red too. So much to work with here. What inspires you? We welcome your comments below!



    PANTONE® and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. The free color tool we used can be found at this website.

    May 22, 2022


    Elsie B said:

    How wonderful to see these colors on the day of the blizzard, dreaming of spring and beautiful tulips. My favorite is Negrita, any color of lavendar/purple. Thanks for this blog, I love looking at colors and combinations. Looking forward to picking in Preston this spring.

    Barb, famous only for being Sarah’s sister said:

    I could have a better way of reaching you, but first, THIS is a beautiful website— you do do beauty very well!
    I planted some of your bulbs in a couple of buckets, as instructed on your video. Now I’m wondering how much to water them, given that they are buried pretty deep. I don’t want to cause rot for overwatering, and I CAN measure the moisture, so in a four or five gallon bucket, how do we determine what it needs? We are really really hoping we get those gorgeous blooms, but we are not a green thumb family…so we are nervous!
    Love to you all! And, thanks, Barb and Faith

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