If you are new to tulip growing, there's one important thing to know above all: tulip bulbs get planted in the fall, and bloom in early spring. This is probably one of the reasons tulips are the most beloved signs of spring: they burst forth when temperatures are just barely rising, and remind of us of the bounty of color and beauty to come.

Tulips are hardy, and tulip bulbs require very little care once planted underground. Good bulbs and their eventual blooms get stronger by being withstanding cooler temperatures in an undisturbed environment. You don't need to water bulbs, you just need to plant at the right time, protect the sprouts from critters, and enjoy the symphony of color you planned (or tossed together 😉) months before.

But planning which tulips to plant, where? What to do?

The answer is: Do whatever you like! Or, let's put it this way, even if you don't know and want to "wing it" by laying into the ground some mixture of tulips you think are pretty, or something like the Tulipman Surprise Mix, you won't be disappointed.

Part of the joy of gardening is dreaming up combinations, and waiting for the surprises nature has in store for you. And tulips and their vibrant color just burst with joy no matter if in single beds, monochromatic groups, or all mixed up

Take a look at the Instagram video below to see what a few of our team members have done with their home gardens. Please feel free to comment your own favorite ideas too.


Tulips on this page include favorites: Barre Alta, Blushing Lady, Gorilla and Orange Princess.


Happy Tulip Dreamtime. Planting time comes soon!

August 01, 2023

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