Caring for your Potted Bulbs once they start to sprout

So, you potted your bulbs last fall and placed them in your basement, garage, covered porch or even have them outside with a little protective they are starting to sprout, what do you do?


The answer is : Not Much:)

Here are the 3 key things to do, to ensure a beautiful pot of tulips come Spring:

1. If they are covered with mulch or anything else take most of it off leaving just an inch or so of a protective layer.

2. No need to water unless it is bone dry and then only a little. Tulips don't like a lot of water and their roots can drown causing rot if they get to much.

3. Once they reach a height of 3 inches they should be moved into the light.

Simple, once they are moved outside mother nature should take care of the watering. Your job will be to sit back and smile at your beautiful pot of tulips. 



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