Rainnee Tulip - 25 per bag

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  • Rainnee Tulip - 25 per bag

Rainnee Tulip - 25 per bag

Sold out


 We can't get enough of this double late blooming beauty! At first glance one might mistakenly think this is just a red tulip. Take a closer look and you will discover that It's layers of petals are a deep red with that fade into a soft reddish-orange. 


  • One bag is 25 bulbs which covers +/- 5 square feet
  • Plant these bulbs in the Fall. 
  • We ship mid to late October, just in time for planting.
  • Bulbs come with planting and care instructions
  • Bloom Time: Mid Spring
  • Average height: 14-16"
  • Type: Double Late

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