Candy Prince - 25 per bag

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  • Candy Prince - 25 per bag

Candy Prince - 25 per bag

Sold out


This Tulip practically glows especially on overcast days as you can see from the picture taken at our u-pick event. Candy Prince is a fragrant, soft lavender tulip that blooms early spring. Plant this beauty with other mid and late blooming varieties for endless spring color. We like to plant it with Pretty Princess and Green Star or Holland Chic and Chakra!


  • One bag is 25 bulbs which covers +/- 5 square feet
  • Plant these bulbs in the Fall. 
  • We ship mid to late October, just in time for planting.
  • Bulbs come with planting and care instructions
  • Bloom Time: Early Spring
  • Average height: 14-16"
  • Type: Single Early Tulip

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