Curbside Bouquet Pickup! 

Don't forget we are at Schartner Farm this year:
1 Arnold Place Exeter. RI 02822

Curbside Pickup


How it works?

  • Order your bouquet and schedule a pick up time now. 
  • Everyone who purchases a bouquet will drive by our 7 acre tulip field. If weather allows, we let you drive thru our show garden! 
  • Even if some days are sold out check back because we may add additional pick up times as we try to increase the number of tulips we can pick and bunch per hour. 
  • Our season should last three weeks or so this year. We will make additional dates available as we move forward.
  • We have also added a Donation option if you would like to purchase a Bouquet to be delivered to local Hospitals, Nursing Home etc.  Tulips for Love and Hope Donation Campaign. 


How to pickup tulips while staying in compliance with Rhode Island State Guidelines.

  1. Mixed Bouquets. Our team will be picking and making bouquets fresh from the varieties that are ready for picking that day. We cannot accommodate specific color requests.Thank you for your understanding.  
  2. Pre-purchase Bouquets online ONLY and by Appointment ONLY. You can purchase flowers and make your appointment via this link
  3. You must schedule an appointment for a specific time slot to pick up your bouquet - we need to control how many people we have at the farm. For example if you schedule a 10 am pickup, you can come any time between 10-11am.  



What happens when you arrive:

  1. You must stay in your car at all times.
  2. There are no public bathrooms so please plan accordingly. 
  3. You will see signs directing you to enter. For those familiar with Schartner Farm you won't be using the main entrance. You will be entering at the entrance used for  Xmas trees.
  4. You will then come to a sign that says stop. One of our tulip team members  will ask if you have an appointment for that particular time slot. Keep your window up enough to cover your nose and mouth or have your mask in place. 
  5. You will then be directed to the next tulip team member who will direct you towards our bouquet pick up area. You must stay in your car.
  6. When you reach the pick up area at the white tents, let them know if you ordered additional bouquets. We can look up orders by the name. We suggest printing your order and bringing them with you  in case there are any technical glitches. We will not be handling your phone to look at an order.  Please have your mask on or window partially up. 
  7. Another team member will then gather your bouquet/s and put them in your trunk. If you are not able to pop your trunk, unlock it from inside the car and we will open it. 
  8. Smile,look at or take pictures of the tulips from your car, while you wait. 


How we are keeping you and our tulip team members safe

1. Following all CDC safety and Rhode Island State Guidelines
2. We will stay 6 feet from each other and our customers. 
3. Masks and Gloves will be worn when interacting with customers and while  picking and bunching bouquets.
4. A hand washing station  is provided for our staff.
5. Hand Sanitizer and  bleach will be used regularly where appropriate. 
6. Educating our team and customers, even though it means long emails ;)



Tips to keep your tulips fresh and happy

  • BYO-Bucket with water if your tulips will be out of water for more than an hour.
  • Keep the tulips out of sun light during transport.
  • If they get droopy keep them wrapped in paper and put them in cold water overnight- add a few ice cubes!. They should be just fine by the next morning. 
  • Trim the stems straight across and make sure they don't run out of water -they're big drinkers.
  • Enjoy and send pictures of your bouquet to your friends and family to brighten their day!