2020 Update:  We will not organize a U-pick this year due to the Covid 19 crisis. We are gearing up for a curbside bouquet pick up and are trying to work out a delivery option. Tulip bouquets will be available for purchase late April thru mid May but only via Curbside pick-up and possibly delivery,

We will update the website as we get everything worked out. Stay tuned for the curbside info. We can tell you it will be pre-purchase only so you can't just show up- we have to keep things safe and organized. We are still working out pricing and  you must stay in your car. You will be able to view the tulips as you wait. To keep everyone safe and traffic under control you will choose a time to pick them up. For example, there will be hourly time-slots to choose from- come between 10 am-11. 11 am-12 etc.