Wicked Tulips Virtual Tulip Experience

To finish the process and  join the group and be transported to our amazing tulips we need one last piece of information: 
  • We need the email address associated with your Facebook account, this may not be your current email. Please send it to us via the form below. 
  • If you don't know your Facebook Email address, find the video instructions below.
  • Do not send your username, we need the email address with an @ sign.
  • Please be patient and don't try to join the Facebook Group before we send you an invitation to join. Otherwise the process will take longer. 


Once we receive your email address we will send you one last email, this will include an "Invite" button.....click  it and you are all set......whew Now you can see all the Virtual Tulips and other awesome content we have waiting for you.

Find the video instructions below. The first one is for  smartphones and the second video for PC & Laptops.

See below the instructions how to find it on a Laptop/Desktop.