Bloom Report

5/29/20 We did it!!!! That "we" includes all of you- we never would have made it through this challenging season without your support. Thank you , Thank you thank you! However big or small it all helped tremendously and we will be back next year :). We are extending our virtual experience through the rest of the year. We know this is still a tough time and we want to stay in touch and give you the opportunity to get your tulip fix all year long.

You can still stay in touch and see all our Virtual Experience videos pictures classes etc plus new content! We are so excited to share more tulip tips especially how to care for your tulips now that they have stopped blooming and this summer we will share our personal homesteading adventures. Then its fall again and you can follow our planting progress. If you haven't' joined our Virtual Tulip Experience you still can :) If you have a Facebook account you can sign up for $10 and enjoy the tulips all year long. For more info: Virtual Tulip Experience.  Here is an example of one of the yoga classes. 



5/22/20 Today is our last day for Curbside Pickup. We will close at 5pm. If you have a bouquet pick up time that was after 5pm you can come earlier or we will refund you- we sent out emails last night. If you did not receive it contact us at to let us know your preference. You do not need to set up a new time just come anytime between 10 am and 5 pm. We had hoped to surprise you and open the field for a small upick by appointment only on Saturday but the State guidelines do not allow flower upicks to be open even with the appropriate safety measures. They do however allow veggie & fruit u-picks. DEM and The good folks at the Farm Bureau have been trying to get this amended as it affects not only us but many farmers whose main source of income is through "Agritourism" . Corn Mazes, Sunflower Upicks or events etc are all not allowed,  We hope the change will come by this weekend and we will let you know either way. 


5/16/20 We plan on staying open at least until Friday the 22nd. We have many tulips in the field which haven't bloomed yet, so we can stay open for a while. Upcoming week will be gorgeous for pictures! Everyone who purchases a bouquet will drive by our 7 acre tulip field. If weather allows, we let you drive thru the show garden! Hopefully it stays dry so we can keep our show garden drive thru open. If it gets too muddy we need to close it. 

5/15/20 Join us for our last peak weekend and/or enter to win a chance to Tip Toe through the tulips! We have plenty of spots available this weekend for curbside pick up which includes ( providing it's not muddy) a drive through our show garden! We are allowing a small amount of folks into the field before we close next week (TBD). To enter to win a chance to walk in our 7 acre field purchase a $30 Tulips for Love and Hope Bouquet that will be delivered to Front line Workers, Nursing homes and other groups in need. Help us get these flowers out before they are gone. Jeroen and I are matching donations too. We will announce the winners and set up a time for you to visit.


5/12/20 Whew! What an intense,challenging and successful two weeks. We opened up our curbside bouquet pickup and have been working non-stop to get our tulips picked bunched and ready for you to pick up. I say challenging because our tulip team has no experience in production. They rose to the challenge though. It's not easy picking from 7 am to 12 pm, that's four hours straight bending and picking with only a short break here and there- you guys are the best!  We are gonna slow it down a smidge this week but we still have plenty of appointments available to schedule your pick up. Use this link to get more details and purchase your Bouquet and schedule your pick up time.

4/28/20 We had a trial run today to try out our new curbside pickup for our Virtual Tulip Experience Members. It went well and is helping us prepare to open to the public Friday. Bouquets are not available to purchase for Friday yet but will be soon. We will send an email out to our newsletter subscribers first, before posting it on our website for everyone else.  

4/27/20 It's finally happening-Curbside Pick up! We are having a soft opening Tuesday and Wednesday for our Virtual Group Members only. We will close Thursday due to Thunder Storms and reopen Friday! Tickets will be available to newsletter subscribers first and then we will post the link on our website. Curbside Pickup is by appointment only. When you purchase a bouquet you also choose a time to pick it up. Bouquets are $30 for 20 stems and are mixed. 


4/25/20- Heading to the farm to prepare for next week's curbside pickup. We will announce a date and make bouquet's available for purchase soon. Bouquets will be pre-purchased online only and you will pick them up by appointment only. For example between 9-10 am or 1-2 pm. More details soon. 

Check out the amazing photo shoot by David Zapatka ,under the stars on our Blog.

4/18/2020- The Virtual Tulip Experience is up and running! We have already posted some fun content including a couple videos of our early bloomers as they start to open :) We are excited that anyone with a Facebook account can see the tulips from their home. There will be virtual classes like yoga and painting.....Check out the link above for more info and you can even purchase it as a gift or donation to someone in need. 

We are gearing up for a curbside bouquet pick up and are trying to work out a delivery option. We will update the website as we get everything worked out. Stay tuned for the curbside info. We can tell you it will be pre-purchase only so you can't just show up- we have to keep things safe and organized. We are still working out pricing and  you must stay in your car but you will be able to view the tulips as you wait. To keep everyone safe and traffic under control you will choose a time to pick them up. For example there will be hourly time-slots to choose from- come between 10 am-11. 11 am-12 etc. 


3/30/2020 - Well, a lot has changed since our last update and continues to change on a daily basis. COVID 19 has thrown a wrench into our u-pick event but rest assured we are coming up with back up plans!  We are not sure where things will be when the tulips are blooming in about 5 weeks but are hopeful we will be able to open in some sort of capacity. Perhaps a drive-thru tulip bouquet pick-up :) We will definitely be launching a Virtual Tulip Experience! Keep your eyes out for more info on that this week. We will keep you updated here, our newsletter and through Facebook,Instagram & You-Tube.  Here's a video we posted recently. 



11-22-2019 Our last planting day!



January 31, 2020