Bloom Report 

Update May 16th 8pm:

Update May 16th: OUR LAST DAY OPEN 10am to 7:30pm

TODAY IS OUR LAST DAY OPEN! Purchase a ticket online and visit us between 10am and 7:30pm today. The storm did very little damage, the show garden has many many very unique tulips in bloom. See pictures below I took this morning. Don’t miss it! There are still tulips in the u-pick field. We will make sure everyone who wants to bring some pretty tulips home will leave with a beautiful bouquet. #wickedtulips #lastday #endofseason #dontmissout

Update May 14th:

We decided to stay open another day. Buy tickets at It looks like the thunderstorms do not start before 5pm. There are still some nice tulips left in the U-pick field and the show garden is still looking spectacular. See our latest video at 

Update May 13th: 

We have a nice surprise: We are open tomorrow! (Monday the 14th) Buy tickets at

We are closing very soon!

Tomorrow (Monday the 14th) might be our last full day open. Don't worry Early Bird Ticket holders we will make sure you have tulips to pick. The show garden is still looking spectacular but the hot weather a couple weeks ago shortened the season. We will assess the fields after tomorrow (Monday) to decide if we will stay open any longer.

If you decide to buy a ticket for tomorrow Monday the 14th you should know:

-The U-pick field has pickable flowers but there is less to choose from.
-The tulips might last a little less long in the vase, because it is the end of the season.
-The Show Garden still looks beautiful! 

The below pictures are from our Show Garden and U-pick field this afternoon.

Update May 11th 

We are ready for Mother's Day weekend! The late tulips look stunning and the show garden is in full bloom. It looks like we might get some rain, as of now the highest chance of rain is around noon. In previous years rain didn't keep our visitors from having a great time, just be sure to dress appropriately - it is going to be chilly at the farm...

Update May 7th 

Today (all Mondays) we are closed. Our staff and ourselves are getting some much needed rest after a fantastic first week! Wow! We never expected to sell out on all weekdays too... thank you all for visiting! Jeroen, Keriann & Baby Kees

Photo Credit: Hallie Jade Pictures

Update May 5th 9:45pm: 

There are showers in the forecast tomorrow. We are open rain or shine. We can let you know that even in the rain our tulips make you happy! In previous years, most people still came on rainy days, just bring an umbrella, appropriate clothes and shoes etc.

Sunday Morning Yoga in the Tulips

We are still planning on yoga in the tulips. If we cancel because of weather we will refund your tickets. 

Update May 5th: 

We are sold out every day until May 13th. Please do not come without pre-purchased ticket. Tickets for the week of May 14th to May 20th will go on sale late next week. We hope to stay open at least until the 18th 

Update May 1st 7:30pm:

We are sold out every day until May 7th. Please do not come without pre-purchased ticket. We have still tickets available for next week Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri. The weather looks great next week, so if you plan to visit us, purchase a ticket now. This is the time to make some great memories in the tulip field! :) 


Update May 1st 11am: We are sold out for today. Almost all tickets are sold out for this week. We only have some tickets left for Thursday. Please do not visit us without an entrance ticket. Thank you for all the Tulip Love!


Update April 29th: Our first weekend is already Sold Out.  Weekday tickets are going fast too, only a couple 100 left for upcoming Friday. If the ticket sales keeps going like this, we expect to sell out even on most weekdays.  

The Tulip U-pick field is looking amazing! Tuesday more then 50% of the Early & Mid blooming tulips will be ready to pick. Upcoming week is the best week to pick our early/mid blooming flowers... We planted one large field this year, but have our late blooming field roped off for our "late season customer". This way we can hopefully stay open a little longer. 

Update April 28th: We are opening May 1st! Tickets will be available for purchase on our website Sunday April 29th. We will only be opening up ticket sales for the first 2 weeks because we never know how long we will be open. Remaining dates will be made available about a week before as we evaluate the field. Mother Nature decides when we open and close so this will help us to not issue mass refunds if we close earlier than expected. In 2016 we were open for 18 days and in 2017 it was 23. It is all weather dependant. 

Below the first bouquet of the season! :) 


We are getting more color every day!

The show garden (below) is a little behind but we think +/- 30% will show color on our opening day

(update April 26th: estimated opening day May 1st- tickets go on sale as soon we know when we open)

04-25-18 Every day we see new tulips in bloom! :)


04-23-18 The tulips are growing very fast at the moment, it has been warm and sunny! :) Each day I find new tulips budding & ready to flower!


Update 04-20-18: Finally sunny! But still windy and cold... we have 1 variety ready to be picked, but we do not open before +/- 30% is blooming,because we don’t want to disappoint you! Because of the cold weather it doesn’t look like we open by the 25th...  maybe the 27th or 28th.


Update 04-18-18: 99.9% of the flowers are NOT blooming yet. This picture is of a very early tulip which is blooming all by itself. :( We bummed up our opening day estimation to the 27th. It has been very cold  the last few days and the tulips progress slowly... So we all need to wait patiently 

Update 04-12-18: Our first blooming tulip!)

Update 04-10-18: Tulips are growing good. We are on schedule to open around April 25th!

Update 04-07-18: Without April snow storm New England will be sooo borring #tulipsdontmindalittlesnow



Update 04-03-18: We were on Chronicle Channel 5!  "Spring Flings: Tulips & Swan Boats" Our segment starts at 1 minute.

Update 04-02-18: The tulips look awesome! We still predict opening date around April 25th

Update 03-26-18: First real signs of spring! Blooming crocus and happy honey bees!


Update 03-24-18: 

Yay! the snow is melting and the tulips are looking good and growing fast!


Update 03-20-18: Finally our new website is live! Yay! Happy first day of spring! Tomorrow we are expecting another snowstorm.... The tulips are doing great and don't mind the snow. We estimate that our first tulips will start to bloom late April. Just FYI: We do not start to sell tickets until we know an exact opening date. 

Update 02-28-18: Our first tulips are up!


Update 2/12/18: Our family is blooming! :) Our first son is born on 2/12/18 - 

Kees Jan Koeman (Case Yahn Koomahn)  6 lbs 18 inches.  Born at home on February 12th with the loving support of midwife Paige Eastman Dickinson of 



Update 11-21-17: We are done planting! We planted over 600,000 bulbs!


 Update 06-05-17: We are digging all bulbs up every year. It takes +/- 4 weeks with +/- 10 employees. Lots of hard work, but worth it!

Update 06-05-17: we imported this beauty from Holland. It is a "Holder", a German made one cylinder diesel two wheel tractor from the 70's. We use this tractor to dig-up the bulbs, our workers pickup the bulbs by hand and place them in the crates.