Bloom Report 2019

Update April 24th:

Get ready!!!! We are planning for a Sunday or Monday opening!  We decided that with the rain on Friday its better to wait. Tickets will go on sale on the website a day or two before we open. We only make the first week of tickets available for purchase and then add additional days as we asses the field conditions. 

Update April 23rd:

More and more tulips start to show some color, but it doesn't look "wow" yet... The field is overall mostly green. But it can change very quickly. We are this year a little bit more nervous about our parking situation, because it has been raining so much. If it rains Friday more than an inch, we might have to decide to not open, even if the field looks pretty... We keep you up to date, for now please talk to the weather gods and ask them for some sun shine! ;)

Update April 21st:

Wow, these blooming tulips are a welcoming surprise this Easter Sunday! I did not expect to so much color! It looks like we will have enough blooming tulips next weekend to open, maybe even already on Friday! :) We keep you posted!

Update April 19th:

The tulips are loving the weather of today! It was almost 70 degrees! We are starting to see lots of buds ready to open soon... By next weekend we will have many blooming tulips, but most likely not enough to open. We open when at least 30% is in bloom, because we want to "wow" every visitor! From the day we are open it is looking amazing.

Update April 17th:

It has been nice tulip growing weather! Next week they say it will be in the 70's! :) We spotted the first blooming variety. It is a  early blooming "Kaufmanniana" tulip. It is not really a good "u-pick" variety, it is very short. We planted these bulbs, because we had them left over from our online bulb store.


Update April 14th:

The tulips have been growing very slowly over the last 10 days... The nights have been cold and our farm is extremely windy. For that reason the soil is taking more time to warm up.  April 3rd, the soil temperature was only 43 degrees, but now we are up to 60 degrees! Meaning the tulips start to grow fast! :) 

Also the weather forecast is looking better and better. Last week I was very skeptical that we could be open by May 1st, but now I think there is a small chance we make it... But is also could be a little later

Update April 13th:

Our first flowerbud!

Update April 3rd: 

Yay finally the tulips are up! 

Update March 29th: 

First video update of the season! We are +/- 3 weeks behind schedule... It is very hard to estimate an opening date, but it looks like it is not going to be in April. We hope sometime the first week of May. 

Update March 20th:

So far we are 3 weeks behind the schedule! Last year we had our first tulips popping out of the ground February 28th. So it seems to become a late season, although it can change very quickly if April is going to be warmer as usual... We still can't estimate an opening date, but it might be not until the first week of May. 

First tulips are up[ 

Update Fall 2018:

Our fourth season is coming up! In the Fall of 2018 we planted 600,000 tulips. Every year we rotate our fields to prevent diseases. We plant them with our tractor and imported Dutch planting machine. We try to plant them all the first weeks of November. The are planted about 8" deep.  

 Planting depth tulips


Click on the Bloom Report 2018 link, to see the pictures of our last season.

Bloom Report 2018